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David is committed to serving the people of San Francisco and San Mateo County – leaning not only into the community’s desire for progress, but also in providing top tier constituent services when they deal with state government. Whether dealing with the DMV, an unemployment claim with EDD, or another issue, David and the team he hires will be responsive and do everything needed to help constituents with their needs.


David has dedicated his life to being an educator and providing low-income students with the tools they need to get ahead in life. The state legislature is the body that determines education investments in the state – and David is running so San Francisco’s K-12 schools and colleges are a priority in Sacramento.


In David’s view, it’s critical that California’s community colleges be completely tuition free, so that every Californian has the opportunity to pursue any career path at no cost. David also plans to expand a successful program that he worked on at Laney College – the Laney College Restoring Our Communities Program – that helps formerly incarcerated students during their journeys to achieve a quality education and meaningful employment, from reentry to graduation and transfers.


David supports diverting spending away from prisons toward education, especially as public schools statewide are facing budget deficits and fiscal cliffs. He plans to work closely with local school districts like SFUSD to first stabilize and then boost enrollment and improve school conditions for students.


Too many residents of San Francisco and San Mateo County, especially long-time residents and younger generations, are being squeezed out of the neighborhoods they love because of the housing crisis and spending most of their paychecks on rent.


In the Assembly, David will protect our neighborhoods and grow in a smart way that builds affordable housing with the support of the community, rather than the runaway growth we’ve seen in recent years that threatens to destroy the rich diversity of our neighborhoods.


His top priorities on housing include:

  1. David supports rent control. David has lived in the Richmond district for most of his life and has seen how bad housing policy has decimated the renter population in his neighborhood. He wants to protect renters and small landlords from greedy and exploitative policies that are being pushed by big housing developers and corporate landlords.

  2. David supports having more community input on major housing decisions, like zoning, density and CEQA protections. He believes that housing decisions are often made by big corporations who want to build without any regard for residents and their long-term health. David sees that we are building market rate housing, but many of these units remain expensive and unattainable for many residents of Assembly District 19.

  3. With upwards of 61,000 houses in San Francisco that go unused, it’s clear that housing developers are taking advantage of residents and building housing that does not alleviate the housing crisis. David plans to regulate corporate landlords and prevent them from buying up single family homes, which are driving up housing prices and preventing Californians from owning homes in their communities.

  4. As an educator, David understands that many students are being priced out of attending colleges away from home. Even with financial aid, many students are living out of their cars just so they can attain a quality education. David supports SFSU’s efforts to create more student housing and believes more can be done to create affordable student housing.

  5. David supports social housing and believes the state must do more to support alternative housing models like community land trusts.

Public Safety

Not enough resources have been allocated to the west side of San Francisco and San Mateo County to address public safety issues. While the east side of San Francisco gets the vast majority of attention and resources, Assembly District 19 deserves more resources and attention to address these core safety issues affecting residents.


Local businesses have absorbed a disproportionate amount of damage when it comes to incidents like break-ins and violent crime. State and local leaders have not done enough to support small businesses. When elected, David will make small businesses a core priority and will work to expand the community ambassador program, especially to highly trafficked business corridors in Assembly District 19.


Law enforcement must also do more and be held accountable. Too many Californians do not feel heard and often do not report crimes to the police because they feel nothing will be done. David will push to expand local law enforcement’s capacity to provide in-language services and effectively serve the community.


David will support and expand the work being done by trusted community organizations, like victims services that provide in-language services and financial help as well as recidivism programs.


David has worked with former incarcerated students and helped them with the academic and social services they need to build long-term sustaining careers. with academic counseling, mental health support services, peer mentoring, and multilingual support. David supports expanding anti-recidivism programs to more folks who have been incarcerated, as well as boosting community organizations that are providing services to justice-involved youth through job training and social programs.

Cost of Living and Economic Development

Californians have been victims of corporate greed – whether filling up their tanks at the gas station, on their utility bills, or in what they pay for basic necessities like garbage pickup. David was a leader in calling out Recology’s corrupt monopoly on San Francisco’s trash pickup services that overcharged residents. He won’t shy away from taking on big oil companies, PG&E, and any other corporations who are taking advantage of our residents.


Small businesses have been hit the hardest since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to sky-high costs of living for too many Californians. David wants to support small businesses by working closely with state resources like the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). For the most impacted businesses, like those with limited English proficiency, David plans to work closely with the Director of GoBiz to leverage more institutional and direct support.

Health Care

The state of California isn’t doing enough to support the health care needs for people living in our state, especially for mental health. As an educator, David sees the mental health challenges young people face, as well as the data that shows youth depression and suicide rates are on the rise. He plans to advocate for investments in community organizations and programs that serve youth and push for policies that limit the detrimental effects of social media and loneliness on youth.


David also plans to support organizations who provide in-language support to communities with limited English proficiency, especially the Asian American community, where there remains a lot of stigma and misinformation surrounding mental health care.


David understands that the state is projected to lose a significant portion of its mental health workforce just as more and more Californians have a need for mental health care. He plans to support workforce programs, including specialized programs in higher education, that would alleviate this need.



As someone rides his bike and takes BART to work every day, David recognizes the challenges residents face getting to and from work and their everyday activities. While several bus and metro lines run through Assembly District 19, David believes that there is still a lack of reliable options for residents, especially those living in San Mateo County. For many years, David has advocated for bringing BART to the Richmond district and plans to work with BART to see this through when he is elected to office.


In San Mateo County, he also plans to work with BART, CalTrain and SamTrans to increase meaningful access to safe, clean and reliable public transportation to residents.



As we have seen the devastating effects of climate change ravage through the state, David is committed to promoting environmental policies that will make California a safe and liveable state for generations to come. David supports electrifying transportation fleets, especially for existing public transportation and public school systems, and expanding public transportation systems statewide to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


David is very concerned about the impacts of sea level rise in Assembly District 19, where the Great Highway and San Mateo County will soon face many changes. He is committed to developing infrastructure to protect existing coastal communities so that residents can continue to live and work in our communities.

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