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Affordable Housing for All: Housing has become unaffordable and has led to an explosion in our vulnerable, unhoused population. A housing-first approach is needed to address this crisis. Addressing homelessness, including supportive and sensitive housing for LGBTQ youth who are currently experiencing or at risk of being homeless, is critical. Right now, the priority has to be getting people off the streets and into housing.

College Affordability and Access: As a lecturer at San Francisco State University, David knows firsthand that college has become unaffordable for our students. That is why David supports free tuition for California Community College students. David will advocate for quality and affordable public education at all levels, pushing for more funding in K-12 classrooms and making tuition at CCCs 100% free.

A Living Wage For All and Expanding Workers Rights: Growing up in a working class immigrant family and a long-time union member; David understands the struggles of millions of families in the State barely getting by with minimum wage jobs. Thus David supports increasing minimum wage statewide to $25/hour and expanding unemployment protection for workers participating in strikes.

Local Transportation: In California, nearly 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions are transportation-related. We need easily accessible, zero-emission public transit for Californians, especially for lower-income Californians who are commuting two hours one-way to their jobs every day. David has been a longtime supporter of expanding BART to the Richmond, and will continue to fight to expand access to public transit across California.

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